Children participating in AWANA at Wonder Lake Bible Church get to learn about the Scriptures and strengthen their personal relationship with Jesus Christ through games, study, and devotion time.

AWANA is an international children’s program that ministers to children and their families with Bible-based teachings and activities. The name “AWANA” comes from the Bible in 2 Timothy 2:15 which in short says, “Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed.”

Age Groups

Preschool ages 3 through 5 and not yet in kindergarten
Kindergarten, first, and second grade
Truth & Training
Third grade through sixth grade
Seventh and eighth grade

Common Questions

When does AWANA meet?

AWANA takes place Wednesday nights during the school year from 6:00 to 7:45 PM. Meeting dates are on our calendar and listed on our brochure.

If the weather is bad and we need to cancel a meeting, there will be a message on the church answering machine (815-728-0422), on our Facebook page and our home page. In general, if schools are closed in the area, club will also be canceled.

What happens at AWANA?

Each Wednesday night meeting is divided into three activities:

Game Time

AWANA games are fun and unique. Game Time offers clubbers the opportunity to participate as team members in physical activities. This can help develop team spirit, good sportsmanship, coordination skills, and self-confidence.

Handbook Time

This time consists of interaction between individual clubbers and their leader. Each clubber purchases a handbook to work in. These books are divided into sections. Each section covers an important topic geared toward their spiritual growth.

We encourage you to spend some time with your clubber throughout the week helping them with their work. Just 3-5 minutes a day makes a huge difference! It is our hope that every child will complete their handbook. By reciting about two sections each week, clubbers should be able to complete the handbook, making them eligible for an award during the end-of-year closing program!

Council Time

Council Time includes singing, contests, upcoming event announcements, and age-appropriate instruction from the Bible covering topics that will introduce who Jesus is and how we can grow up in a personal relationship with Him.

Is there a cost?

Dues are $1.00 each club night, which goes to defray the costs of awards. Other costs may include:

  • Cubbies Vest: $15
  • Cubbies Handbook: $15
  • Sparks Handbook $15
  • Sparks Vest: $15
  • Truth & Training Handbook: $15
  • Truth & Training T-Shirt (Green): $20
  • Trek handbook: $15

If you forget dues or cannot afford the book or shirt, please still bring your child! We want them to come and enjoy the club. Wonder Lake Bible Church does sponsor and support this ministry.


You may download and complete a registration form to bring it with you on their first night or complete the form at the church when you bring your child to AWANA.

Contact Us

For more information, please be sure to review the AWANA brochure or contact us with any questions.