A family vacation isn’t in our cards this year. Between time, expenses, and the age of the triplets, it looks like we will be staying close to the house this summer. My daughter is the only kid old enough to realize that we aren’t taking an actual vacation, but I’ve discovered that if I plan lots of fun, local things for her to do, then she is typically okay with it. I believe the modern term to not taking a vacation and hanging close to the house is called a “Staycation.” I’m in the middle of planning Staycation events for us this summer, and today I’m listing a few of the ideas that I’ve complied. Here are 30 Staycation Ideas, and feel free to add your own ideas in the comments section.

1. Invest in an outdoor toy all the kids can enjoy.

2. Head to a local park.

3. Visit an amusement park.

4. Camp in the backyard.

5. Have a s’mores night.

6. Create an at-home “water park” with water guns, water balloons, water sprinklers, or other water toys.

7. Explore the woods.

8. Visit a local farm.

9. Head to a local children’s museum.

10. Visit a local science center/museum.

11. Plan a day at the zoo or aquarium.

12. Sign up for the summer reading program at the library.

13. Go to a local sporting event. My husband and daughter enjoy
going to watch our minor league baseball team.

14. Go fishing.

15. Have an outdoor picnic at home or a park.

16. Plan a huge crafting afternoon with age-appropriate crafts for
the kids.

17. Take advantage of local attractions, such as the beach or

18. Sign up for a membership at a local pool.

19. River tubing or canoeing.

20. Visit a farmer’s market.

21. Visit a local berry farm to pick what berries are in season.

22. Pick out a different new local restaurant to try a few weeks in a row.

23. Plant a flower or vegetable garden as a family.

24. Host a big play date with your kids’ friends.

25. Host a cook-out that’s not for a holiday.

26. Plan a progressive dinner with a few other families. Back at Thanksgiving, I posted about how my husband and I plan progressive dinners for our youth group. They are fun dinners where one family hosts an appetizer, one hosts the main course, and another one hosts a dessert. This could work for families, too!

27. Plan a day visiting garage sales.

28. Movie night or visit a drive-in theater.

29. Create a scavenger hunt for the kids.

30. Go mini golfing or bowling, depending on the age of the kids

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